About Us

Peace & Mercy Organisation for Development (Pamofd) focus is centralized on the following programs
Peace & Mercy Organization for Development is a certified Non-Government and Non Political Organization founded in 2018 to support peace building, development and prosperity in
South Sudan through rendering services, training & capacity building for peace co-existence, tranquility, to attain peace & a prosperous country & for all the people to live.
Our Objectives

  1. To Participate in the process of peace building in South Sudan
  2. To cooperate with other entities to accelerate the peace building development.
  3. To provide necessary skills on peace building and development through training and capacity building.
  4. To provide general services & assistance to the people
  5. To establish centers for peace building and development process
  6. To exchange information with other fellowships groups and spiritual entities in the area of peace building and development.

  1. Establishing a Peaceful and a prosperous South Sudan
  2. Making South Sudan a better place to live for all


  1. We work to realize peace and development through Dialogue, negotiation and Mediation
  2. Help maintain sustainable peace and development through comm1tment, sincerity and mutual understanding among the people of South Sudan.

Core Values and Principles

  1. Commitment, truth, professionalism and peaceful dialogue
  2. Accountability, fairness transparency, justice and rule of law
  3. Mutual understanding. peaceful co-existence and tranquility.

What we do

  • We work with stakeholders in the areas of peace building and developmental projects
  • We train peace builders
  • We create awareness among population on peaceful co-existence and tolerance
  • We engage in spiritual worshiping.
  • We build capacity on education, health and peaceful reconciliation.

Our Approach and Strategies

  • We identify target groups and their issues
  • We analyze the groups’ issues or needs
  • We conduct awareness and capacity building workshops.
  • we explain disadvantages of hatred, v1olence and conflicts
  • we train people how to move from violence and embrace peaceful coexistence and tolerance.
  • We engage communities in fruitful dialogues.

Our Focus area include;

  • Peace building and consolidation activities
  • Social and economic development in urban and rural areas
  • Education and health care for children and adults
  • Empowerment and provision of skills to the disadvantaged groups
  • Community sensitization, awareness and engagement
Target Groups

  • Youth, Women and Children
  • Orphans, Widows and disabled people
  • Decision makers.

Health Care Activities

  • Health awareness workshops
  • Medical camp
  • Sanitation
  • Safe drinking water
  • Mother, child and reproductive health.

Work Accomplishment

  • Spiritual Healing
  • Inspection of Agriculture by the Managing Director of PAMOFD
  • Community Discussion on Development
  • Community Awareness on Peace
  • Construction Activities of hospitals, schools, and other health care centers

PAMOFD Partnership

  • Local Communities
  • Donors
  • Government

PAMOFD Organogram

  1. Board of Directors
  2. Executive Board
  • Managing Director
  • Secretary General
  • Finance Secretary
  • Social Welfare
  • Humanitarian Secretary
  • Staff and Volunteers

Physical Address
Address: Gudele Block 5
Email: peacemercy.orglalgmail.com
Contact: +211 928-779-999 / +211 925-999-017
Year of Establishment: 31-01-2018
Organization Status: Non-Governmental Organization
Level of Action: National Wide
Registered Under: Chapter 3, Section 10 of NGOs Act, 2016
Registration No. 1,312


Gudele Block, Juba, South Sudan.


(+211) 928 779 999


M – F : 8am–5pm

Sat : 11am–6pm

Sun : Closed